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We look forward to your participation in the June 3rd webinar.   Our team of Credit Union Advisors will email you the link and a calendar invitation to join us on Zoom shortly.

We will discuss alternative investment options for Credit Unions who are finding their balance sheets flooded with deposits following the waves of stimulus payments and tax returns.

Expertise and insight without agenda.

The Newcleus Credit Union Advisory is dedicated to transparency and relationship-building.

Our goal is your success and we use our expertise and insight to provide the kind of advice that helps Boards and CEOs align with the Credit Union’s mission to provide the best investment options for your unique situation.

Thank You for Registering for The Newcleus Webinar

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We want to hear from you.  Your Credit Union’s unique challenges and successes provide insights and a road map for others.  A rising tide raises all ships and we believe in sharing the discoveries that work with Credit Union boards and CEOs to make all of us a little bit better every day.

Newcleus provides board member support through:

  • Strategy development with unique and proprietary solutions that generate income to fund market-competitive compensation plans for top executives.
  • Board effectiveness evaluation.
  • Governance and procedure review that includes director responsibilities.
  • Education and team support that enhances mission alignment and the volunteer experience

We help you define the right questions to ask as well as crystalize your CEO’s role in board decisions.

Credit union compensation advisor at a client meeting.



macro view

Credit unions face extraordinary financial challenges today. Margins are contracting while operational expenses are on a continual uphill climb. Know the right questions to ask to crystalize your board’s direction.

develop your game plan

With employee benefits expanding at a rate of 6% or more per year, credit union boards are tasked with funding competitive plans and options. You want to reward and retain employees through retirement contributions, disability plans, and non-qualified deferred compensation for executives.

use our expertise

Our team of experts works with you in the design and launch of investment options that garner higher returns where a portion is available to fund employee benefits, executive recruitment, retention plans, and charitable contributions. We bring unique opportunities to offset the cost of benefit plans and charitable giving, using alternative, flexible tools.

getting the best advice?

At Newcleus, we believe that our highest purpose exceeds that of our competitors by developing investment strategies that generate income for your organization using the best-suited products for the purpose.



macro view

As a board member, you set the strategic vision for the credit union and a premier component of that mission is finding the best leadership team possible. Start where you can make the most impact — compensation!

develop your game plan

The #1 factor in recruiting top talent is designing a comprehensive, lucrative, and enticing compensation and benefits package that will speak to the best candidates and bring them onboard and keep them contributing as leaders.

use our expertise

Our goal at Newcleus is to illustrate the competitive forces at play in your catchment region and to assemble a superior strategy to pay your top tier executives in a way that motivates continued performance and entices longevity.

getting the best advice?

We believe, as your trusted advisor, that your compensation plans should generously reward your leadership, while not being disproportionate in the community. If your current advisors aren’t in line with your overall financial strategy, trust Newcleus to listen and act on your vision.



macro view

We understand that as a community board member you are laser-focused on retaining your top leadership team, including any successors already in place — the overall health of the organization depends on it!

develop your game plan

Newcleus’ ideal outcome is to align your compensation strategies with overall organizational goals that positively impact the bottom line while keeping your top-level executives engaged long-term.

use our expertise

Through our compensation advisory services, we offer credit unions and their stakeholders an unbiased view of current and projected compensatory trends. Then we develop forward-thinking strategies that can then be operationalized to great success.

getting the best advice?

Our proprietary database of credit union compensation information is second to none in the industry and will support you in making better decisions that will effectively align your organization’s practices with desired behaviors and long-term organizational success.