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NewcleusGives Focuses on the Kids

NewcleusGives Focuses on the Kids

“This year we really focused on kids,” said Newcleus CEO Dan Barbaree.

“It was something we all agree upon and support. Having the ability to support communities close to us and our clients is extremely important to our mission. It’s especially meaningful when we can help support the children of those communities. Being able to give them opportunities and resources they might not have is a core focus of our organization and our NewcleusGives program.”

Teams of Newcleus employees gathered a Wednesday in December to fill soft red pouches with comfy gifts for young children in need – blankets, books and toys – for Christine’s Hope for Kids in Pennington, NJ.

In 2022, Newcleus volunteers prepared a sports field for disabled kids, supported kid’s cancer research and donated to programs for low-income high school students, Boys & Girls clubs, kids with feeding disorders and after school care. Dozens of volunteers clean up local parks, making them ready and safe for the seasonal sports teams and enjoying the outdoors.

NewcleusGives is a workplace giving program with a mission to direct philanthropy to helping children and families, touching organizations nearby and across the country. It creates positive outcomes within the workplace and with our communities. The benefits extend far beyond the hours and dollars invested.


“Our company does so much for us inside the business and giving back to the charities and communities in the area,” said Shera Brady, Director of System Operations. “I’m thankful to be a part of such an incredible community that has become my work family.”


Banks and credit unions and other clients Newcleus serves are invested in their communities. Newcleus Advisors see the homegrown connections, individual initiatives and events that link organizations to those they work closely with. Newcleus employees connect with their communities as well as their customers’ communities. A lasting example is the NewcleusGives Charity Check Give Away, created by Newcleus Advisors to put them in touch with the communities that are supported by clients and to show solidarity with their missions.


Workplace Giving Program

NewcleusGives elevates company culture, increases connection among team members, supports clients and their communities, empowers charities and inspires workplace and community engagement.

NewcleusGives connects all of the volunteer activities Newcleus employees have supported over the years, making them stronger while collaborating to make a greater impact. Some of the organizations Newcleus supports include:

New ideas for philanthropy came from our staff and included supporting families in educational endeavors for job training, financial literacy and mental health awareness as well as homelessness and support for veterans. Volunteering and team bonding boost employee morale, improve the workplace atmosphere and support the social fabric of the local communities.

“Sharing is Caring,” said Dolores Marinucci, Newcleus Finance Associate.

If you’d like to learn more about NewcleusGives, reach out to our team at