Tedd Meyer, Director at Newcleus Credit Union Advisors.

Meet Tedd Meyer, Director at Newcleus Credit Union Advisors

At Newcleus, we believe in providing our clients with full transparency. In an effort to display this value, we’ve decided to give you a little insight into who our team is beyond Newcleus.

We’ll start with a Q&A with Tedd Meyer, Director at Newcleus Credit Union Advisors.

Tedd Meyer

Tedd Meyer grew up in Philadelphia with a love for aviation as a young adult. In fact, through high school and college, Meyer worked at a flight school. “When I wasn’t practicing golf, I spent all of my time at the airport working and flying,” says Meyer.

So, you might be wondering, how did Meyer end up working for Newcleus given his love for aviation? Meyer, with family in the business, grew up very familiar with the life insurance and finance industry. As a result, he attended the University of Alabama where he received his Masters in Management Information Systems. Roll Tide!

After graduating, Meyer spent six years as a project manager at Northrop Grumman, where his passion for problem-solving allowed him to succeed. “This role and my experience at Northrop Grumman provided me with the experience I needed to tackle problems in my everyday life, at a smaller scale. I’ve taken that problem-solving mentality into all my interactions with our clients at Newcleus. In fact, my love for problem-solving is where I drive value to our clients and prospective clients.”

As Meyer sees it, solving a complex problem is a process. Whether related to deferred compensation, credit union financials, investment strategies, or new and innovative products and services, Meyer believes the better and more complete your process is, the better your outcome.

“From my studies at Alabama, project management work at Northrop Grumman (maker of the B2 Bomber!), and passion for aviation, I’ve learned that large, complex problems are much more manageable when broken down into discrete, achievable, parts. This applies tremendously to helping credit unions with their deferred compensation and 701.19/721 investment needs,” says Meyer.

“Take, for example, a deferred compensation plan. There are truly infinite ways to structure such a plan. From the amount of benefit, to vesting, to tax implications, to capital commitments and the list goes on. By using a robust, process-oriented approach, the challenge becomes much more manageable and all stakeholders involved are much better informed. This is very similar to using a pre-flight or emergency or landing checklist in an airplane. A seemingly very complex undertaking made manageable by ensuring a specific set of processes are used—ensuring safety for all involved.”

During his two years with Newcleus, Meyer has helped to standardize processes and make them repeatable in order to help its clients in a better, more efficient manner. Meyer says that leaving Northrop Grumman came at a time when he was ready for new growth opportunities and challenges.

Meyer grew up very familiar with the life insurance and finance industry. “My dad is the Meyer in Meyer-Chatfield, which recently became Newcleus. Growing up in the business, it seemed like a natural transition that would lead to success for both myself and the Newcleus Credit Union Advisors team.”

Meyer continued: “I really enjoy working with credit unions specifically, because of the member-owned business model. All that credit unions do, they do to benefit their members. These businesses are driven by the desire to help and build communities. These values align with my core values and I can appreciate working in a purpose-driven industry. The people I work with are amazing and our clients are wonderful to work with.

Every client presents a different challenge based on their needs, whether that be employee satisfaction, retention, or something related to a financial situation. Each engagement is a new and different problem to be solved. I still receive that creative fulfillment in an industry I love.”

In the end, Meyer hopes to leave a positive mark on the credit union movement and Newcleus’ clients, by helping them make the best of the opportunities they have available to them. “I would measure that success through the survival, growth, and relevance of those credit unions we’re fortunate enough to serve,” says Meyer.

Newcleus CU Advisors

So, where can you find Meyer on days he’s not hard at work? On the back nine! “When I’m not in the office, you can find me on the golf course,” says Meyer. “I have been playing golf my entire life—I play competitively as an amateur and for fun as well. As I see it, golf is a great way to get to know people, make friends, spend time with family, be outside, and even travel.

I enjoy golf because it’s a challenge, and unlike most sports, it can be played your entire life. I get to enjoy playing with people who are important to me: my father, girlfriend, and my friends.”

And now, it’s time for some advice. When asked to give a young entrepreneur a checklist of things they must do to succeed, Meyer offers: “As I’ve recently transitioned over to Newcleus Credit Union Advisors from a different industry, I feel as though I might be able to provide some sound advice for those trying to get into the industry.

First and foremost, make a plan. Make a plan that includes your goals, what success looks like, and most importantly, how it will be achieved. Stay on top of this plan as long as you say you will, and keep at it. Lastly, find a mentor. Mentors have guided me to success in this industry and beyond, and they are so important to both your professional and personal growth.”

To end on a fun, introspective note, we asked Meyer, if you were to look back from the age of 80 and tell yourself anything, what would it be? “From what I’ve learned I would say, if you are unhappy, get rid of that unhappy thing faster. If you’re miserable in a job, a place, wherever and whatever, get rid of it. Pursue your happiness.”

And lastly, what does Meyer value most in others? Loyalty. “I place a high value on loyalty, and I feel that at Newcleus Credit Union Advisors, that’s exactly what we offer our clients. Some major mentors who have shown me this day in and day out, are of course my father, as well as John Moreno, and honestly, the rest of the Newcleus team. This is a team of high-quality people, and I believe in the service we provide our clients.

Our faithfulness and loyalty stem from doing what’s best for our clients’ business. We respect their relationships, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide impeccable service.” Work with someone you can trust—speak with one of our trusted professionals at Newcleus today.