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At Newcleus, supporting our clients comes first. From compensation strategy development through implementation, to ongoing client review and support, we strive to exceed your goals when designing compensation arrangements for executives, directors, and staff in the financial industry.

We provide solutions that align with your organization’s culture, values, and business strategies while keeping you ahead of industry trends to give you a competitive edge.



The most important piece of designing an effective compensation program is understanding what your potential new hires value. Are they concerned about creating a comfortable retirement by deferring compensation, are they incentivized by stock options, or is the annual bonus their motivational goal?

Our experts at Newcleus get to the heart of the question and develop innovative strategies that entice new candidates and close the deal on the right person. When you approach the opportunity from the value perspective, you are creating a comprehensive and effective compensation plan that beats the competition.



According to McKinsey, only 23% of companies think their current strategies for talent acquisition and retention actually work. That means there are a lot of organizations not reaching their full potential by recruiting the best leadership teams.

Let Newcleus review and recommend enhancement opportunities that will halt potential damage to your hiring practices, as well as strengthen your retention so that your top executives aren’t recruited to other organizations.



Tangible rewards motivate behavior. It’s how people perceive being valued. Don’t let your prize people drift to other companies because you neglected to structure your compensation and benefits package in line with industry norms.

Newcleus has a deep knowledge base and the latest in industry comparisons that fuel our strategy development and inform the discussion. We are confident of our success and offer 100% guarantee with our retainer service — that means we are by your side as long as you need us.



Both long-term incentive and equity compensation plans are intended to promote performance excellence and align interests between your top talent and shareholders. Through the use of vesting periods and retention attributes, compensation plans can be designed to reduce risk for your organization throughout the life of the plan.

We utilize well-defined, relevant, and results-based metrics to customize incentive plans that support the company in achieving its business strategy while limiting overly aggressive or overly conservative decision-making. This approach provides the foundation to properly educate board members, executives, and shareholders on efficient and effective compensation solutions.



You want your board to be vigilant. You want them to be involved and supportive of overall recruitment and retention efforts.

Newcleus has years of experience in working with board members and enhancing their experience through education, support, and expert strategy development. Whether new members just being seated or long-term directors with years of experience, we can support their tenure at the level they feel is appropriate.



LINQS+ delivers executive, director, and shareholder benefits that include:

  • Enhanced defined benefit SERPS
  • Fixed, lifetime benefits
  • Cost savings to the company and shareholders
  • Final benefit is not contingent upon investment performance

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs) remain an integral part of benefit planning.

However, with lifetime longevity expected to increase in the coming decades, traditional, period certain SERPs have become antiquated. Our Proprietary Solution Extends Executive Benefits While Reducing Traditional SERP Expenses by up to 40%.