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Newcleus Bank Advisors are the premier benefit plan and financing strategy provider in the banking industry. Our experience, size, and tenure allow us to provide our clients with the best products, services, administration, and regulatory compliance support available.

MINTS, our proprietary client-centric portal platform, currently services over 750 financial institutions throughout the United States.

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Our dynamic model and personal approach set us apart. Our competitive difference is the way we build and sustain our relationships providing uncommon support through the life of the project.

MINTS, our secure, proprietary client portal, provides our clients access to plan documents, customized reporting, and the thorough analysis needed to properly administer our non-qualified benefit plan programs.

Our comprehensive and future-focused succession planning services help you identify and develop future talent opportunities that ensure protection for decades to come.

When it comes to commitment and service, Newcleus is #1!

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With multiple years in the financial industry, our bank advisors have the expertise and vision to develop, implement, and administer plans designed specifically for your organization with income generation and top-level employee retention in mind.

Because of our depth of expertise and breadth of services, we’re able to bring our clients outstanding customized solutions.

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With product offerings and advising services that are second to none in the industry, consider Newcleus for long-term career success. Check out our current opportunities.

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