How Newcleus helps HR Professionals

How Newcleus helps HR Professionals

Newcleus CU Advisors has an in-depth understanding of working with credit union human resource professionals to support you in determining a course of action. Newcleus is here to help you deliver valued information that helps you make the right decisions. As you sit down with your leadership team, Newcleus ensures you are prepared with the information needed to support your actions. 

How do Newcleus Credit Union Advisors support human resources?

There are a few key ways Newcleus CU Advisors helps support your credit union’s human resources department. These include:

  • Competitive analysis of compensation and benefits trends within the credit union and banking industries.
  • Extensive compliance and due diligence support specific to the credit union industry.
  • MINTS, our proprietary client portal, housing all of your plan documents, reports, and financial information.
  • All designed to make you and your team’s life easier.

We help HR professionals attract and retain top executives for the good of your Credit Union.

How Newcleus helps HR Professionals

As an HR Professional for a credit union, you are in charge of developing and implementing highly effective compensation and benefit plans. During an extraordinarily challenging time like the present, this can be exceedingly difficult. That’s where Newcleus CU Advisors comes in. 

In order to support your compensation game plan, you need best-in-class solutions for aligning, comparing, and managing employee compensation and benefit plans. We help to package the information and insight you need to ensure you continue to attract and retain top-level executives.

Our team of experts works directly with you and your leadership team with a review of your compensation philosophy. We then work with you to ensure alignment of your compensation and benefit plan to support this philosophy. Finally, we bring the best-in-class tools and resources to help you manage this structure.

We help HR professionals remain competitive in the hiring game.

“People are our greatest resource.” In support of this reality, you are a key member of the leadership team.  As such, you are tasked with developing superior benefit and market-competitive compensation programs. In the current age, you are also tasked with organizational development which includes finding the best leadership candidates possible to ensure your credit union’s success. 

At Newcleus CU Advisors we can help you design a comprehensive, lucrative, and enticing benefits package. Through our deep knowledge of corporate governance, solid benchmarking, and access to our affiliate Newcleus Compensation Advisors, we bring you the insight, data, and hands-on guidance needed for you to thrive. Our approach is geared to help you design hiring packages that speak to the best candidates, bring them on board, and keep them contributing as essential team members.

In addition to supporting your role, we challenge your thoughts and assumptions – we are in the business of hiring cutting-edge high-performing talented individuals as well. As students of, and advocates for the industry – we have no greater mission than helping you succeed through talent management!

Our goal is to provide you with the information and insight necessary to assemble a superior team and remain relevant into the future. Having this strategy aids in your recruitment and talent vetting efforts. It also helps to ensure the way you pay your employees encourages ongoing performance and alignment with your strategic goals. 

We help you reward and retain the best employees.

As the “keeper of talent,” you need to be laser-focused on retaining high performers who are aligned with your CU’s mission. After all, the survival and success of your organization depend on retaining the best. When you align your compensation strategies with your overall organizational philosophy, you can accelerate success, while easing the impact on your bottom line.

Our compensation advisory services support you and your credit union with our in-depth, industry-specific knowledge of current and evolving compensation trends. We work with you to create strategies that can be systematically applied to enhance retention. 

At Newcleus CU Advisors, our goal is to help HR professionals deliver exceptional value to your credit union. We believe our absolute focus on your success makes us different. This focus means we will bring you every tool and bit of knowledge we have to help you and your credit union excel. We welcome you to a conversation so we can learn more about what you are trying to achieve – and see if we can help you get there faster.