Working from Home During COVID

Working From Home During COVID-19

Hear firsthand from Newcleus’ home office staff just what it’s been like working from home during COVID-19, making sure our clients and partners continue to receive the top notch support they are used to.



Amy Feminella, Director of Marketing working from home

My position is unique in that it requires consistent engagement with agents, associations and vendors across the country, so remote work isn’t new to me. However, working from home has increased my interaction with our agents since we’re communicating more often and now through video conferences. It’s nice being able to see their faces more than the few times a year we would usually travel to events together.
To that point, I’ve been consistently impressed with our industry’s adaptability – quickly turning to virtual meetings, conferences and speaking engagements – which I feel has expanded everyone’s reach.
In terms of my Newtown colleagues, I miss seeing their faces in the office. Our weekly staff meetings help with that, along with our ability to collaborate (and banter) on Slack.”
-Amy Feminella, Director of Marketing



Renee Wentz, Director of HR, working from home

On a personal level, I sure do miss the physical interaction with people. I find myself making more phone calls just to hear familiar voices. The workday is different nowadays, yet in many ways it is enriched. Ultimately there’s a sense of even stronger connections simply due to the fact that we are all living and working through this together. When we are connecting, we are sharing our stories of change and adaptation, and it’s really exciting. I find myself using a new tool that Newcleus recently adopted, which is the Slack interface. Slack offers a variety of channels for Newcleus team members to connect. Our #random channel has been an active channel for posting wfh pics, furry co-worker pics, and lighthearted meme sharing. It’s a nice venue to share a chuckle while working through this together.”
-Renée Wentz, Director of Human Resources




“Our policy services team is dedicated to providing the top notch service and personal touch that our clients have come to expect and deserve. The team works directly with our insurance carriers, agents and clients, providing and assisting with everything from new business and policy changes to monthly and quarterly reporting. I am so incredibly grateful to work with such an amazing group of individuals. The transition from our Newtown office to working remotely from home has been incredibly seamless due to their dedication and professionalism.”
-Tara Bianchino, Former Director of Compliance and Operations




“In my opinion, my team is doing very well. The only difference between working here, and working in the office, is we do not get physically see each other.”
-Karen Reed, Accounting Specialist




From an IT perspective, Newcleus has always focused on developing priority software while promoting system stability. These tools are critical in honoring our commitment in meeting the demands of our industry and the needs of our clients. With this direction and focus on a dynamic service model, business continuity is paramount and has always been at the forefront of each development initiated and system integration and improvement. Over the years, we have tested and exercised these measures and strategies, but it never really compares to the real thing. As I continue to tell our Executive Management Team, if something positive is to come out of these unprecedented times working from home during COVID-19, its that our systems, services and staff are resilient and the time and effort that we have put into these initiatives has led to a seamless, secure and productive remote work environment. This couldn’t have happened without the steadfast support and focus of our Newcleus IT & Dev Ops Team. They impress me every day and I’m honored to be able to say that I’m part of such a great team.”
-Rich Pearson, Chief Operating Officer



“It truly is impressive how quickly the Account Executive team has adapted to working from home. Even though we’re not together in our Newtown office, video chats, phone calls, (and the occasional after-hours virtual happy hour) have brought us all closer together. Everyone has gone above and beyond to help our clients and each other over the past two months. Outstanding job!”
-Brian McCracken, VP, Account Executive Director



“I feel that our team has always displayed tremendous integrity and talent, but I’ve seen an increase in personal accountability, flexibility  and collaboration while working from home during COVID-19.  The client support is more responsive than it’s ever been because of that extra effort and coordination. It helps that we have great tech too.  Thank you!”
-May Palmerio, VP, Account Executive Director




“Typically, the Non-Qualified department relies on an internal document system that briefs us on a client’s case details and reporting.  Without that resource, I was concerned any client reporting completed during this time of crisis could result in us missing vital case details.  However, Newcleus employs some amazing talent.  Because of our IT department and fantastic communication with our Account Executives, the Non-Qualified team has been able to seamlessly transition from an office based setting to an off-sight setting in only a matter of hours.  I have always felt that is it important to be able to “overcome and adapt” and, until a few months ago, I honestly believed that it would difficult for the Non-Qualified department to perform their jobs remotely.  Due to a tremendous effort made by the entire team at Newcleus, we have overcome and adapted to our current situation.  The result is that our clients continue to receive the same personal touch and top-notch service, even though our team is scattered to the four winds.”
-Mark Grant, VP, Non-Qualified