UMassFive CU and Newcleus Gives Charity Check

South End Community Center Receives a $1,000 NewcleusGives Donation on Behalf of UMassFive College Federal Credit Union and Newcleus Credit Union Advisors

The South End Community Center receives a $1,000 NewcleusGives Donation from Newcleus Credit Union Advisors on behalf of Julius Lewis, Board Director at UMassFive College Federal Credit Union. (UMassFive).

The South End Community Center (SECC) is a non-profit organization in Springfield, Massachusetts serving children, youth, and families in the Springfield community. The SECC is dedicated to helping individuals develop the qualities needed to become responsible, caring citizens.

UMassFive College Federal Credit Union was the winner of the check drawing at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C. where Newcleus CU Advisors Director, Greg Gauthier held the drawing.

UMassFive CU and Newcleus Gives Charity Check

Left to right: Julius Lewis (Board Director at UMassFive), Richard Kump (President  & CEO of UMassFive), Greg Gauthier (Newcleus Credit Union Advisors, Director)

More on the Recipient: The South End Community Center

Julius Lewis has chosen The South End Community Center as the recipient of the $1,000 donation.

The South End Community Center is a non-profit located in a challenging area of Springfield. The South End is the second most impoverished community in Springfield. In fact, one out of every three children in Springfield lives in poverty—a statistic that is higher than in cities such as Boston, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Therefore, existing and new programs and collaborations have been vital to sustaining the only community center serving the South End of Springfield.

What The South End Community Center Offers

The SECC provides a variety of programs in:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Youth programs
  • Family support

All of these programs are designed to assist in the educational, emotional, physical, and social development of Springfield residents. A truly safe haven for many south end families.

Why The South End Community Center?

The SECC was chosen as the charity of choice thanks to some quick thinking by Julius Lewis, who is very active in the Springfield community.

Lewis reached out to the Springfield mayor’s office asking for a recommendation of a non-profit to receive our NewcleusGives donation, and the Mayor actually suggested the SECC.

Lewis leveraged that initial $500 into $2,000 by asking the credit union to match the $500. Then, Lewis’s radio partner stepped up with a $500 donation.

Greg Gauthier then upped the Newcleus donation to $1,000 resulting in a total $2,000 donation.

Newcleus is honored to support the charitable efforts of The South End Community Center.

NewcleusGives Program

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