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NewcleusGives – Inspiring Workplace and Community Engagement

NewcleusGives – Inspiring Workplace and Community Engagement


Caring for kids of pandemic first responders. Rebuilding families and communities after hurricanes and tornadoes. After-school programs. Safe space is open until 10 pm for teens and young adults. Summer camps. Sports programs for disadvantaged youth. NewcleusGives has a mission to funnel its philanthropy to helping children and families.

Generosity and community engagement are at the heart of the Newcleus workplace. It’s just who we are, said Debra Porter, Senior Vice President – Business Development and Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. After 26 hours of employee interviews, the answer was clear. Porter said Newcleus employees are generous and active community advocates.

NewcleusGives evolved from homegrown connections, individual initiatives and events that bring Newcleus employees together and connects them with community needs. All of the philanthropy, volunteering and donations are gathered into one collective effort under the NewcleusGives umbrella to strengthen the impact of community engagement and share heartfelt stories about giving. The decision to give as a family, as a team, offered opportunities for volunteer time, gift matching, group events and collaboration in the workplace that would have more influence in making the world a better place for families, clients and communities

“There are Boys & Girls Clubs all over the country,” said John Moreno, Managing Partner, Newcleus Credit Union Advisors. “I had no idea the role they played in weathering the pandemic.” The Boys and Girls Club of Nampa, Idaho received one of the Credit Union Advisors check giveaways. “It was eye-opening,” he said. “No one thought of the first responders. They have kids too. Where did they go to take care of their kids?” The Nampa club watched their kids as the area’s first responders were at work and not home to care for their children.

The story of Christine’s Hope for Kids, a New Jersey nonprofit that helps children in need, is another organization characteristic of NewcleusGives. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti touched everyone to the core when a colleague lost his daughter in the earthquake. Christine Gianacaci, a 22-year-old passionate mission-driven volunteer, was a victim of the natural disaster. Christine’s Hope For Kids perpetuates her devotion to needy children and the spirit of volunteerism.

Melissa D’Amico, Newcleus Director of Compliance and Executive Director of Christine’s Hope For Kids, says NewcleusGives supports organizations like Christine’s Hope For Kids, programs that are focused on children and families, like YMCAs and Boys and Girls Clubs. “I started integrating our staff into their events,” D’Amico said. “All of their fundraisers, and volunteering as well. Newcleus is one of their major sponsors.”

The most effective strategies for programs like NewcleusGives come from employees. The ideas from team members are supported and integrated into overall corporate social responsibility and are employee development opportunities for team members like local park cleanups, quarterly team volunteer days, charity check giveaways, holiday donations for children’s programs, matching gifts program for employee philanthropy and paid time off for independent charity work.

NewcleusGives also addresses the interests of clients and their customers. Since its inception in July 2021, NewcleusGives has embraced the philanthropic spirit of its company’s founders who, for over 25 years, focused on elevating the communities and the organizations supported by clients and employees. In an informal Newcleus survey of 194 Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) members, 45% of the bankers indicated that helping children was a priority. Of the five charity options listed, St. Jude Children’s Hospital was the top choice by bankers.

The Charity Check Giveaways by Newcleus Advisors have put employees in touch with the communities that are supported by clients. This year alone Newcleus Advisors Charity Check Giveaways have reached organizations such as:


Workplace Giving Program
NewcleusGives is a workplace giving program, inspired by team values and a desire to solidify the corporate social responsibility initiative and the belief in creating positive outcomes within the workplace and throughout the nation. The benefits of this program extend far beyond the hours and dollars invested. It has a ripple effect both internally and publicly.



  • elevates company culture
  • increases connection among team members
  • supports clients and their communities
  • empowers charities
  • inspires workplace and community engagement


NewcleusGives connects all of the volunteer activities Newcleus employees have supported over the years, making them stronger while collaborating to make a greater impact. Some of the organizations Newcleus supports include:


A survey of Newcleus staff indicated continued support for local and national organizations that  help kids like the boys and girls clubs, programs for the underprivileged, passion projects by staff members, as well as the nonprofits that are supported by the credit union and banking organizations. New ideas for philanthropy included supporting educational endeavors for job training, financial literacy and mental health awareness, in addition to opportunities to help with larger issues like homelessness, cancer research, and support for veterans and animal shelters.

NewcleusGives reflects a passion for philanthropy and an understanding of how corporate social responsibility builds a strong, community-conscious workplace. Newcleus encourages volunteering and team bonding to boost employee morale, improve the workplace atmosphere and support the social fabric of the local communities.

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