LINQS+ and Secure Act

LINQS+ and the Secure ACT

LINQS+ and the Secure ACT: As new generations of American workers plan for their future retirement, there is an increasing focus on a fixed income solution that provides a combination of enhanced financial stability and guaranteed, lifetime income.

That trend recently gained validation when The SECURE Act became law on January 1, 2020. The legislation, passed by Congress and signed into law in December 2019, made wide-ranging changes to retirement law.

The law expands access to lower-cost “safe harbor” 401(k) plans among small and medium-sized businesses, but a key provision focuses on fixed income solution alternatives with 401(k) investment sub-accounts.  For the first time, individuals will now be allowed to allocate contributions to a suite of annuity products. 

The SECURE Act (Setting Every Community up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019) was voted on by the House of Representatives (417-3 in favor) in May of 2019 and the Senate (71-23 in favor) in December of 2019 as part of a $1.4 trillion budget deal signed into law by President Trump on December 20, 2019. The Act becomes effective on January

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Article written by Tony McCracken of Alden Investment Group.