A letter from our President

Letter From Our President

Letter from our President

May 5, 2020
Letter from our President: On behalf of everyone at Newcleus. We hope this letter finds you healthy and well as our nation continues to forge ahead in these unprecedented times. With portions of the country beginning to reopen, many of us are anxious to discover how life will now be amidst COVID-19.

Because of the uncertainty we still find ourselves in, we wanted to take some time to point out the overwhelming amount of generosity and kindness we have witnessed over the course of the last two months. We continue to be impressed by the clever ways in which we, as an industry, have managed to stay connected and productive, and are proud to be part of a community that actively supports one another. In that light, we’d like to share some of these bright moments with you.


As many of you know, our office has been closed for the last nine weeks, and our staff has been working diligently from home to ensure our service remains intact and fully operational.

Throughout these last few months, we have been able to refine our processes and review our records to ensure everything remains in good standing. This includes the timeliness of ongoing monthly and quarterly value and compliance reporting. As we’ve needed to revise processes in order to complete our reporting remotely and without issue, we’ve also been able to improve our deliverable timelines.


We recently worked with a small business based in Fort Worth Texas to deliver self-care gifts to all of our employees, as a way of thanking them for their hard work. Our staff’s ability to adapt so quickly in the face of a crisis has been impressive, and with many of them doing so while balancing the needs of loved ones, the Executive Team encourages them to take time to care for themselves as well.

We have also sent out 1,500 fabric face masks to our clients nationwide. It is our way of thanking you, knowing just how many of you have been leaving your families and the safety of your homes to work long hours during this incredibly demanding time. In addition, we have sent masks to all Newcleus employees, and independent sales agents, too.

COVID-19 pictures of community involvement from our letter from our president.


We have found various ways to collaborate with one another internally throughout this time as well: daily calls, video conferences and our digital business communication platform.

We also use these means to keep up with one another as we might do so over lunch, or coffee. Together, we’ve celebrated two
births among our staff – our Marketing Director, Amy’s son Greyson, born February 25th and our Director of System Operations, Shera’s daughter Ayla, born April 14th. We also celebrate the birth of Meyer-Chatfield’s Managing Director, Cole’s son Jake, born February 27th.

We host weekly staff video calls to stay connected and keep up with internal news, and we share some greatly missed social time with the occasional staff-wide happy hour, too.

New babies joining the Newcleus family announced in our letter from our president.


Though we may not know much about what the future holds, we do know this: it is through the hard work and support of one another that we’re able to persevere during tough times, and given what we’ve seen so far, we are confident we have what it takes to prevail.


Wishing you the very best,
Daniel Barbaree, President