How Newcleus’ Partnership with Waterfall Drives Innovation and Excellence

How Newcleus’ Partnership with Waterfall Drives Innovation and Excellence

Newcleus’ partnership with Waterfall Asset Management will enhance client experience and bring more offerings with innovative technology, security and data integrity. We power organizations as the leading designer and administrator of compensation, benefit, investment and finance strategies – and for good reason.

  • Waterfall recognized Newcleus’ deeply experienced team as a differentiator in the finance industry and this new partnership enhances our ability to focus on personalized product selections, carrier solutions and talent retention programs that are curated to optimize benefits and ensure a superior return on investment for clients.
  • Acquisitions and mergers have a significant presence in the financial space. Our personal experience with acquisition has given us the knowledge and deployable capital to help guide banks through these changes as they experience them.
  • Our business has and will continue to leverage technologies with MINTS, our customizable, highly secure, in-house technology platform designed to manage all client investments efficiently.
  • We prioritize our clients. We offer personalized solutions, technology and reporting to best serve both your bank and your employees.
  • We are educators, not salespeople. Our team works with our clients to understand their specific needs and design their plans accordingly. 

Two months ago, in August 2021, we proudly announced that we completed a strategic transaction with the Waterfall Sentinel Fund (“Waterfall”), a private equity vehicle managed by Waterfall Asset Management.

“This transaction with Waterfall allows Newcleus to continue to do what we do best, just enhanced with more expertise, more capital and more resources,” says Dan Barbaree, CEO of Newcleus. “We’re able to enhance our staffing, our systems, our products and our strategies in the sole interest of our clients.” 

With Waterfall Asset Management’s expertise as one of the leading private investment firms dedicated to investing in asset-based credit and private equity across the entirety of the specialty finance and securitized credit space, Newcleus will explore opportunities to accelerate its growth by pursuing complementary and strategic acquisitions. We will leverage this growth to continue to build our trusted lifelong relationships with our clients, on a larger scale. 

Looking Forward

With the financial industry evolving at a rapid pace, and so many banks and other businesses looking to accelerate their strategic growth initiatives through acquisitions and mergers, it can be difficult to navigate.

As a company that has recently been acquired, Newcleus is in a unique position. We have the personal experience of what the acquisition process looks like in real-time, and because of that acquisition, we also now have the capital and knowledge to assist banks in their strategic growth initiatives. 

Here at Newcleus, we work closely with the Waterfall Sentinel team and they were excited to invest in a company that prioritizes insight, technology and its people. John Nelligan, Managing Director at Waterfall, said,We believe Newcleus’ competitive advantage in industry knowledge and structuring sophistication has positioned this team to capitalize on the tailwinds across the employer-owned life insurance markets and we look forward to supporting the Newcleus team as they continue to scale.” Waterfall has given us the resources to enhance our business while supporting us to continue to do what we do best. This partnership has propelled Newcleus in the financial industry, establishing us as a force to be reckoned with.

What We Do Best

At Newcleus, we find and address problems that others miss and generate one-of-a-kind insights to ensure you retain the people who power your company. We work to provide the full spectrum of solutions to meet our clients’ needs using:

  • Technology and Infrastructure Assessments
  • Quality of Earnings Assessment and Procedures
  • Proprietary Product Portfolio
  • Financial Audit Field Work
  • Assessing Risk
  • Identifying Credit and Margin Trends
  • Premier Access to Our Team for All Client Servicing Needs

The power of Newcleus combines decades of experience to redefine what’s possible in designing and administering compensation, benefits, investment and financing strategies. We adapt as the technology, corporate landscape and our client’s needs change to ensure continuity of service, making your plan the most secure in the marketplace. When necessary, we’re here to help you pivot.

This commitment to our clients includes the high priority our team places on due diligence. In all aspects of our business, Newcleus’ advisors analyze all potential variations of benefit plans and follow through with due diligence as it relates to servicing those plans to provide success for both your executives and your bank. Our team monitors tax laws, regulations and other aspects of the market that may alter the effectiveness of your investments.

With Waterfall’s expertise, clients will receive a seamless and improved experience and we will continue to build meaningful client relationships that last. 


BOLI has become the industry standard for executive compensation, but how can you ensure your plan is competitive among the rest? How can you diversify your portfolio to generate higher returns? As the market continues to shrink, Newcleus assists in guiding merging banks to optimize their BOLI plans to help attract and retain their key executives.

Moreover, as a banking professional, you know that audits are both time-consuming and expensive. When you have Newcleus on your team, the frustration of those audits disappears. This year alone, our team has already initiated nine internal audits conducted by an external party with the sole interest in leading the industry in compliance, technology, systems and security. We see audits as an investment for our clients. It is worth our time and energy to self-regulate ensuring that we are the ideal partner. 

Reach out to one of our advisors at or 267-291- 2130 to optimize your compensation, benefits, investment portfolio and financing strategies—because we believe that if you’re not talking to Newcleus, you’re not getting the full picture. For additional information please visit