How Newcleus Credit Union Advisors Provides CEO’s Support

At Newcleus Credit Union Advisors, we recognize the importance of an amazing CEO in producing results for the credit union. As a CEO, you are responsible for the overall vision of the credit union and building clarity through strategic direction and business development, all while leading the organization. A critical aspect of operational excellence is predicated on creating an exemplary leadership team, which is best accomplished with innovative compensation and benefits plans.

At Newcleus Credit Union Advisors, we pride ourselves on our superior understanding of the credit union landscape. Our commitment to ongoing credit union leadership ensures that you remain knowledgeable in what’s happening in your industry, where the pitfalls lie, and how you can maintain a cutting-edge organization positioned to succeed. When your leadership team comes together, Newcleus is right there with you.How Newcleus Credit Union Advisors Provides CEO's Support

We believe in providing support for CEOs through a few key pillars:

  • Strategic development to generating income that funds market-competitive compensation plans for top executives
  • Competitive analysis of compensation and benefits trends within the banking and credit union industries
  • Governance of procedure review that includes board and director responsibilities
  • Education and team support that enhances mission alignment and volunteer experience for your board members

Let’s start with how we help CEOs with income generation, through the investment of fund benefits and donations.

As a credit union CEO, you face extraordinary financial challenges. Your margins are contracting while operating expenses continue to expand at an unprecedented rate. Our team of experts works with you in the design and launch of investment options. These options garner higher returns making funds available to support competitive executive retention and recruitment plans, employee benefit programs, and charitable contributions. 

Producing a vision that includes best-in-class solutions requires a well-thought-out game plan. These solutions generate non-traditional investment income. Our strategies bring innovative tools to non-qualified deferred compensation plans and charitable giving programs through NCUA-approved vehicles.

We surpass our competitors by developing investment strategies that generate income for your organization using the best-suited products with unique opportunities to offset the cost of benefit plans and charitable giving. Our products compete favorably against traditional investments, such as ETFs, bonds, and stocks that are subject to mark-to-market issues.

How we help craft compensation plans to ensure you remain competitive in the hiring game

As a CEO, your strategic vision and overall mission is finding the best leadership team possible, including your successor. The number one factor in recruiting top talent is designing a comprehensive, lucrative, and enticing compensation package that will attract the best candidates.

As your trusted advisor, Newcleus believes that your compensation plans should generously reward your leadership, while simultaneously remaining proportionate in the community. Our innovative ideas keep us fresh and position us as a standout in our field. Let us show you how we outperform our competitors. 

We start by using Newcleus’ highly experienced and knowledgeable team to illustrate the competitive forces at play in your region. We then assemble a superior strategy to pay your top-tier executives in a way that motivates continued performance and entices longevity.

Lastly, how we can help you reward and retain the best people.

With today’s competitive hiring practices, it’s critical to remain laser-focused on retaining a top-performing leadership team, including successors that may already be in place. Your ideal outcome is to align your compensation strategies with overall organizational goals that positively impact the bottom line while keeping your top-level executives engaged long-term.

Our best-in-class compensation advisory services offer credit unions and their stakeholders an unbiased view of current and projected compensatory trends that will effectively align your organization’s practices with desired behaviors and long-term organizational success. Newcleus is uniquely positioned in the industry to offer a state-of-the-art proprietary database of credit union compensation information that will ensure ongoing expertise in the industry and support you in making the best decisions for your credit union stakeholders.