Bank Director Bank Executive and Board Compensation Conference

Chris Pezalla, Executive Vice President, Meyer-Chatfield and Flynt Gallagher, President Compensation Advisors spoke at the 11th annual Bank Executive & Board Compensation Conference. This highly regarded bank director bank executive conference focuses on how successful leaders balance the needs of their institution while developing executives, attracting new talent and approaching compensation in today’s highly competitive and economically challenging world.

On Tuesday, November 10th Flynt Gallagher & Mika Moser, COO of Bank Director ran an interactive session: What Your Peers Think.  They will benchmark the audience experiences on compensation practices, leadership development, growth plans and talent acquisition.

On Wednesday, November 11th, Chris Pezalla, EVP Meyer-Chatfield & Flynt Gallagher, President Compensation Advisors presented: SERPs – Strategies to Enhance Benefits, Reduce Costs and Improve your Income Statement

In this session, our experts examined emerging trends for bank director bank executive comp in Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans to reduce costs AND augment benefits, including Lifetime Income Non-Qualified designs (LINQS+), common cost offset and recovery designs (BOLI) and strategies incorporating both. Additionally, we evaluated the risks and rewards of benefits plans that rely on a fixed investment strategy versus variable investment strategies

Also on Wednesday, November 11th, Flynt Gallagher, was part of Point/Counterpoint Debate: This popular, interactive panel discussion, welcomed the opinions of consultants and attorneys on a number of hot topics and emerging issues. Bank Director asks for responses from the attendees via an audience response keypad. Real-time results follow the voting so everyone sees where they stand with respect to their peers.