Newcleus has completed a strategic transaction with a private equity fund managed by Waterfall Asset Management.

A Letter From the Newcleus CEO, Daniel Barbaree

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A Letter From the Newcleus CEO, Daniel Barbaree

It’s a new day with a bright future for Newcleus. Newcleus has completed a strategic transaction with a private equity fund managed by Waterfall Asset Management (the “Waterfall Fund”). This transaction marks a new era of community and innovation for Newcleus. Our partnership with the Waterfall Fund provides us the opportunity to increase our customer base and the treasured connections that come with them. Concurrently, our founders have stepped down.

We are Newcleus. Our company began as the melding of two founders and their respective institutions. They recognized the benefit to be gained upon the combination of their businesses, and the result was a seamless product and best-in-class solution. Newcleus reimagined the potential of the financial services industry, which inspired us to innovate and lead the industry by providing magnificent service and to be the partner that is always available with a live, knowledgeable account executive by phone, text, or email, thereby ensuring exceptional service and ideal solutions.

The name Newcleus was established to represent our team’s ability to remain steadfast while simultaneously cultivating innovation. Our company strives to explore new ideas and opportunities to best serve our clients in a constantly evolving market. This new concept got us thinking. What if we could build and leverage our unique MINTS technology—for free? What if we could offer our technology to provide answers to regulator questions during audits via one online location? Could all of this be managed internally and not outsourced? What if Newcleus became the place where banks and financial institutions could turn to make their programs easy to manage? Because of our outstanding Newcleus team, these dreams became a reality. Today, Newcleus services over 750 financial institutions and over $12B under management.

Read the Press Release here.

It’s important to note our business relationships aren’t just numbers. The financial institutions we work with and the people we serve are an essential part of who we are and why we exist.

When we asked our employees, “Why does Newcleus exist?” their responses were rooted in community. “We celebrate the heroes—community banks…. we don’t sell… we educate… we want to make others’ lives better… we love to serve people. That is our why.” Our purpose is beyond numbers. It is the faces that make up those numbers.

Newcleus is your go-to “person” with important files organized clearly in one online location.

Now, hundreds of banks and financial institutions turn to Newcleus daily to receive trusted and current information, to get help, and to build lifelong relationships with “their” Newcleus team member.

Today, I am thrilled to share an important milestone on our journey.

Waterfall Asset Management is an investment adviser with notable experience, talent, and resources in the financial services industry. Because of their investment in Newcleus by the Waterfall Fund, we are now able to expand our programs and improve our ability to reach clients using significant and differentiating resources. Newcleus is continually evolving, and this addition is here for the long term! The investment by the Waterfall Fund offers Newcleus the opportunity to connect with new clients while providing additional outstanding support to our existing clients. You can learn more about Waterfall here.

Additionally, we are proud to announce the launch of the Newcleus Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. Our team is our inspiration when it comes to CSR. Together, we are committed to positively impacting our communities to make our world a better place.

We intend to support the CSR efforts of our partners wherever possible, starting with a turn-key “How To Implement a CSR/ERG” program available to our partners, including community banks that may just be starting CSR programs—for free.

Thank you for your role in this journey. Without you, we would not have been able to achieve this monumental milestone. Thank you for your friendship and our partnership. You matter to all of us at Newcleus. Thank you for showing us what it means to be a business family.


Daniel Barbaree, CEO