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2020Q4 Newcleus BOLI Index


The 2020Q4 Newcleus Bank Owned Life Insurance Index (NBI) is intended to offer the user a “snapshot” of the current BOLI marketplace.

Through our extensive work with client banks and financial institutions, we’ve gained the needed insight to provide a pulse of the current market across the domains most requested by clients.  The index is intended to guide financial managers’ expectations within the BOLI marketplace and across different BOLI strategies.  The structure of the information presents current BOLI yields across nominal and jumbo-sized transactions, multiple credit spectra, and for both general accounts/fixed, and indexed policy types.  See important disclosures below for more detail about index construction.

Newcleus and its precedent companies have been active providers and administrators in the BOLI marketplace for over 25 years.  The breadth of experience obtained through our history in the market combined with our service of over 750 individual financial institution clients allows us to provide our clients with a deep and seasoned perspective for their BOLI needs.

The goal, needs, risk, and size play a critical role in the design and success of a BOLI program. While the classes are conceptual and portfolio, carrier, and product mixes may vary, the NBI delivers real insight into actual current BOLI rates and returns of new program placement.


Details, Assumption, and Disclaimers:

  • For informational and discussion purposes only. The NBI does not represent, guarantee, or put forth all the terms, rates, and conditions of any potential transaction.
  • Newcleus assumes no obligation or liability for updating or otherwise revising the NBI.
  • Source: Sample Ledgers / Non-Guaranteed Values from each Carrier
  • These are new premium interest rates available at the time the index is published
  • Unless otherwise noted, the underwriting class is based on guaranteed issue, Average Age 45, Non-smoker
  • Yields, rates, ratings, underwriting class, product, and carrier availability is not guaranteed and subject to change
  • Tax rate: 26%
  • Newcleus assists with the placement of these BOLI solutions through its independent sales organizations
  • NBIJ Indexes require a minimum of $100m of single premium
  • Yields do not include any death benefits or mortality assumptions
  • Product illustrated based on Pooled Mortality
    • Indexes include more than one carrier, depending on carrier selection, rates could be higher or lower
    • Please contact: Chris Pezalla ( or Rich Pearson ( for more information on our bank owned life insurance index