software engineer


Software Engineer
IT Department, Reports to Director of Information Technology



Newcleus Software Engineer/Developer will work directly with the Director of Information Technology providing support for designing and developing new technologies and systems related to existing Newcleus web-platform and systems, with a focus on new third-party application implementation and integration. The position will code and modify moderately to highly complex programs, including systems integration. He or She will also test and debug code; maintain, modify, and integrate applications. They will also perform analysis and design of programs.


Essential Functions and Responsibilities (including but not limited to)

  • Design and build reliable, high-quality software products.
  • Apply processes, methods and tools to build and maintain quality computer software.
  • Successful solving problems and writing code.
  • Apply methods that allow individuals and teams to create and improve large software systems.
  • In coordination with the Director of Information Technology
    • develop and maintain MINTS system and critical components
    • protect the security of client information using security technologies
  • Support development efforts on business tools including, but not limited to, LINQS+, split-dollar, and other benefit plan design illustrations and systems



  • Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, Information Systems, or similar in Computer Science.
  • Sound attention to specification, design, software evolution, quality control and project management.
  • Strong ability to provide high-quality software products on time and within budget.
  • Skilled at designing software with a user-friendly interface and according to expectations, and cohesively supporting Information Technology throughout Newcleus.
  • Able to communicate effectively both in written format and oral presentation.
  • Able to multi-task and establish priorities.
  • Able to exhibit initiative, responsibility, flexibility and leadership.
  • Able to work in a team environment with a flexible attitude and approach towards assignments.
  • Continuous working knowledge of current development standards and practices.
  • Prioritizes and plans work, and uses time efficiently.


Desired Experience: Linux, ReactJs, NodeJs, .Net Core, WPF, NoSQL/PostGRESQL, MS-SQL, SmartSheet, Snowflake



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